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Gulhams Story


I just thought I'd give this website my story as it seems very common and if all these stories are shown to the public hopefully we can run paypal out of business.

Well my story is a common one. I sold a very expensive phone on ebay and the buyer paid through paypal. I sent the phone out by special delivery and the buyer even left me positive feedback. A few days later I have an email from paypal stating that there is a hold on the funds as it seems the money came from unauthorised funds. They asked me to send them my proof of delivery so they can continue the investigation (I had 3 days to do this).

A day later, without me even sending the proof of postage, they decided the outcome of the case and returned the money to the buyer. So I was out my phone and out the money!

I phoned them and emailed them and the basic answer I got was "you should have done it so you were covered by seller protection so were not going to help you". The buyer has even been sending me emails stating that he frauded me and he will continue to fraud people using paypal which indicates that he is the owner of the account and is frauding people. These were fowarded to paypal who done nothing about it. I looked at the buyers feedback and after he scammed me he scammed 4 other people using the same scam and he still is a registered user of ebay and paypal!

I have just posted my application form to the financial ombudsman service. Hopefully something can happen there.

I recieved a letter from paypal stating that its in the terms and conditions that they are not responsible for fraud. Isn't that an unfair contract term just as an employer cant exclude liability for death! The incompetance of paypal and its employees was further demonstrated when they sent a reply to my complaint to the financial ombudsman service. They had been investigating a seperate dispute that happened at another time, even though I had given them the case number etc. they investigated the wrong case!

I hope this message is viewed by everyone so that no one ever uses paypal. I will definately be displaying a nopaypal sign on all of my eby listings!

Gulham Shajahan


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