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Malcolms Story

Hi There, Thought I would just tell you my story.

I buy gold jewellery on ebay.

6 weeks ago I bought a 18ct gold byzantine chain (over 40 grammes). When I received it the hallmark said 375 for 9ct

Anyway a dispute was opened I was allowed to send the chain back and she agreed that I was correct and she apologised. She said that I would have to wait for a few days as she was having problems with paypal before I would get my refund. I was a little bit worried so I phoned her but she reasured me I would get my refund.

I waited about 10 to 14 days after the dispute and then I escalated to a claim as I did not know what was going on. I told the woman through my ebay messages that I had escalated to a claim and she had nothing to worry about if she was still having problems with paypal as they would sort it out now. I was now convinced I would get my money back.

Last week after I got an e-mail from ebay saying they had made a resolution and said that the claim does not qualify for a refund we found the seller to have accurately represented the item in question.

I was not happy.

I sent them an email through paypal buyers complaint process saying that the chain was 9ct gold and not 18ct gold and both the buyer and seller had agreed it was. I also told them that she had put it back on ebay and sold it again as 9ct.

I told paypal if they did not give me my refund I would get in touch with my local member of parliament and a solicitor. The next day they sent a email asking for tracking information regarding the return of the necklace. I gave them the tracking number. I got another e-mail the next day saying that the information has been forwarded to our investigations team for further review. The case is now open again.

How paypal have gone about this case is criminal and even now it is still ongoing. I feel paypal should not be allowed to do this. If this information can be used to stop this happening again, I have no problems with that.

Many thanks Malcolm


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