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Louis's Story:

Paypal froze my account claiming suspicious activity, demanded that I register a bank account and fax in documentation which I did. My account has been run totally honestly they accused me of selling academic software but then when I proved this wrong they blocked me for suspicious activity and stating they were holding my funds until I supplied my daughters bank statements etc as I had purchased a present for my grandson and sent it direct to her address.

I refused point blank to provide confidential information I am not legally entitled to give them and made a complaint under the data protection act to the Information commissioner’s office. Their reply was that they would seize my funds for a period of 180 days, despite the fact that they are well aware I am terminally ill with less time than this approximated. My answer was to refund all buyers to empty the account and then write explaining the situation I would rather be robbed by anyone else apart from Paypal. To date most have paid me by other means or promised to do so and Paypal have been left with an account to seize with 1p converted to 2 yen to keep me legal all bank accounts and cards used with Ebay or Paypal have been closed or reported lost.


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