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Sean's Story:

Hi i hope i am in the right place here

i came across your site while trying to find someone who would help me get some fair answers from pay pal

i sold my daughters phone on e-bay to a buyer in Poland. he payed me through pay pal and i sent the phone the next day, international signed for. i asked him to e-mail me when it arrived to make sure everything was alright but heard nothing from him. A few weeks later pay pal opened a dispute against me saying the phone was not received and asked me for proof i had sent it, so i faxed the receipt of postage to them and the page it was sold on then they informed me because there was no tracking number they had found in favour of the buyer so i appealed but there decision stood.

I then contacted royal mail to see if the parcel was delivered and to claim compensation for the lost parcel which under there investigation they have found through polish postal service that the parcel was delivered to the address and was signed for by the buyer.

This means nothing to pay pal. i can provide proof of postage and now proof of delivery and a signature but all they tell me when they
bother to reply is without a tracking number i have no case. The phone with the postage and packing was just over £55.00 which they recalled and left my account in arrears then while waiting for the royal mail to conclude its investigation i was contacted by a dept agency and me and my wife were intimidated by them so we had to pay the balance to them.

Now pay pal are still sending e-mails for me to bring my account back to zero but every-time i e-mail them nothing comes of it

i just feel like i am banging my head against a brick wall all the time. If i am on the right site here and you need anymore information then please don't hesitate to ask
Sean O'Neill

...NoPaypal says: Hi Sean, I'm afraid I would have to agree with Paypal here. I can understand why Paypal want to see a tracking number to prove that you sent the goods. However, I can't understand why you don't have this tracking number - there's a tracking number on the receipt for every piece of mail the Royal Mail send by recorded delivery - you say you have this receipt, so how can you not have the tracking number which is on it...?..


thanks for posting my letter on your site

in reply to your comments at the bottom of my letter there is a ref number on the receipt that as you and the royal mail have said is a tracking number which they have used to track the parcel to prove it was delivered but pay pal say they will not accept this as the tracking number as they do not recognize this as the tracking number

thanks again

Sean O'Neill

..NoPaypal says: Hi Sean, this is a disgrace and it sounds to me as if Paypal are trying to shake off their responsibility to you here. I think you have a very good case here and should consider a prosecution against them with the evidence you have. First I would inform them what you intend to do if they don't resolve the matter and give them 7 working days to resolve it, after which you will be commencing legal proceedings against them. Mention that you have taken advice on the subject and that Her Majestys Royal Mail insist that you have a tracking number but Paypal disagree, so let's go to court and see if the courts believe the Royal Mail or Paypal and that will decide it once and for all. Also mention that in the event of the courts finding in your favour (which you know they will) you will also be suing Paypal to cover ALL your legal costs etc....


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