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Martin's Story:

I bought 2 items from a website called Gumtree (this website is for private sellers to advertise their goods), these items were bought from two different sellers and I used Paypal to pay for them, as at the time I thought using paypal to pay for these items was the safest way.

It turns out that I was scammed by both of these people and subsequently I opened disputes with Paypal on both counts, and paypal have only managed to claim back just short of £80 from the £320 that I was conned out of.

Paypal have now closed these disputes, I have since contacted the police, but they have informed me that Paypal must investigate, so I emailed Paypal regarding this and all they did was send back a standard reply stating that we had to contact the police (which we had and had already told them that we had!) and that they could not pass on any information to me regarding their investigation and of course they keep mentioning that they are working to their policies and procedures!!!

I want my money back and these people who scammed me brought to justice.....but I am getting know where with Paypal....can you help?

My Paypal Dispute nos are XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Kind regards

Martin Miller

..NoPaypal says: Hi Martin, Paypal probably know that you're in a catch 22 situation and you'll eventually give up so are giving you the runaround. Contact yanna@dsl.pipex.com who will be happy to help with this...


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