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Paul's Story:


I bought a piece of software from digital rivers of the internet. I thought I was quite safe when the seller said money back guarantee if your not completely satisfied. I paid for the software using paypal and after trying it I wasn't satisfied. Digital rivers said no problem, stop using the software for 10 days, and we will refund you, So I deleted all the software which I had purchased. After 16 days I started to email Digital rivers I emailed them approx 6 times with no response, So the only thing I could do was to put a dispute claim to paypal.

Once I had done this they responded, "please send us the order number because we cant find any of your details.". I sent all the confirmation emails of purchase and order numbers."We will gladly refund you but we cant find your details." they said. I said I will give you 1 week. No reply. The only next step I could take was to escalate the claim so paypal could sort it out. This had been going on since the 1st Dec, After taking the claim 1 step further with paypal, Paypal decided the outcome in 10 mins that I shouldn't receive a refund and the case could not be reversed.

They didn't even ask for any details or receipts I might have. I am now down £23 pound and consider twice about using pay pal again.


..NoPaypal says: Hi Paul, Give Paypal a call and see if speaking to them on the telephone will get you any further. Paypals UK telephone number: 08707 307 191 (national call rates apply). Go in to your Paypal account and make sure you print out hard-copies of all your receipts and all emails and have them all in front of you before you call them plus make a note of the URL of the digital rivers sales page where they offer their money-back guarantee. You will then be able to quote Paypal the transaction number (which show and prove you paid digital river via Paypal - a payment transaction record is created every time you send or receive money via Paypal)...


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