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D Welsh's Story:

Hi im having real problems ive been buying off ebay for a couple of yrs.We are going on a trip to vegas on the 14th of december so thought i would sell some things to aid the bank balance. all going well until i tried to withdraw £300 pounds bang account limited. They asked for bank statement passport utility bill debit card statement although this is the same as the bank statement they asked for tracking numbers for goods i sent out. this is where the problems are bad. Isent my items 1st and 2nd class mail as this is guaranteed up to £80 not much point sending out registered parcels for goods worth a few quid. Only on the recites i have there is a number but this isnt a tracking number i have them all and 105 good feedbacks saying they have all received there goods and are happy. I tried for nearly 48 solid to fax things to them to be told they have had an issue with there faxs. My son uploaded as i only have dial up and sent them all the personal documents and a letter explaining i dont have tracking numbers. Next day back came an email saying they wont unlimit my account they want tracking numbers or my approval to refund money back to the people that bought received and are happy with there goods. i called paypal explained and there customer rep told me to copy the receipts put in another explaining letter copies of my feedback upload and send. Next day same mail came back we cant unlimit your account we want tracking numbers for items sent out. i have also had mail off customers asking whats wrong as paypal has mailed them and asked about the goods. please can you help they are holding over 300 pounds of mine im out of pocket now with ebay fees paypal fees postage fees and the goods i have sent out
many thanks D Welsh

.NoPaypal says: Hi, there is definitely a communication problem here. It sounds like every time you speak to Paypal you are getting a different person and they just read a standard reply from their script (in this case, their answer is always "send us tracking numbers")! I suggest you try to tie Paypal down to ONE SINGLE PERSON to deal with your complaint - that should help. Also perhaps it would be an idea to get a friend (or your son) to write the letters or emails to Paypal because I'm guessing you've been communicating with Paypal using the same type of text and language you've written to us (above) so this is probably not helping the communications problem. Maybe a phone call to them would achieve better results? Try calling them on 08707 307 191


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