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Stuart's Story:

History of events:

I have been a paypal customer for 2+ years plus, with no problems, however...

I recently sold an item on eBay and was paid £55 via paypal into an account. Unfortunately I gave the buyer the wrong email address, so I had to go into Paypal and create a new account. No problems. I then transferred the money into my correct paypal account at a cost of £3 to myself, but no problems. The next day, Paypal, take the money out of my correct account, but don't reverse the transaction and say that they are trying to stop fraud and can I explain myself. I duly do so.

10 working days I'm still waiting for the funds as paypal won't release them. I have sent 20+ emails to Paypal using there 'contact' customer services web form, and no one has sent me a single email. not a sausage! I cannot believe there customer service is so appalling!


Stuart, a very dissatisied Paypal customer.

.NoPaypal says: Hi Stuart, I'm not sure why you set up a completely new account - all you needed to do was change your email address on your old account so I can understand why Paypal would probably consider this to be suspicious activity. However, 20+ emails to them and no reply is certainly not good and, to be honest, sounds as if they are probably replying to an email address that doesn't exist (perhaps your old one). Try calling them on 08707 307 191


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