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Kelly's Story:

We recently went through a paypal dispute as a seller and found out today we lost, it made me feel sick! Paypal never asked us for further information or evidence which we have waiting for them. The buyer claimed the item he purchased (an xbox 360 hard drive) was a fake despite the fact we showed both him and paypal the receipt from the day we bought it (also the day we listed on ebay). He says its been dismantled and the security stickers removed, which it wasnt as we listed within hours of purchase as it came with our new games console but we didnt need it.

So now we are waiting for it to be returned and then we will have £85 taken from our bank account. All in all we will be about £100 out of pocket and with a dodgy item returned instead of a brand new one, excellent news just before christmas.

We have a very important email with evidence we have desperatly trying to send to paypal but I cant find an actual email address anywhere just a link through the website (max 1000 characters) which you probably already know and nowhere to put our evidence that the buyer is dodgy and as for getting through on the phone...hopeless. We have vowed never to use paypal or ebay again.Thanks.

NoPaypal says: Hi Kelly, this is yet another example of Paypal making it difficult for you to contact them - it's almost as if they don't want to be bothered with customer complaints. However, they do say on their website that if you contact them via their online contact form, they will reply promptly. Why don't you use that form (even if it does only allow 1000 characters and ask them where you can send your evidence to...


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