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Andrew's Story:

I found your website and thought I'd write to you as I'm really at a loose end as to what to do about paypal, and wondered if any of your visitors have had a similar experience to me.

Apparently they did some maintenance work on paypal at the weekend, and since then I haven't been able to access my account. I can enter my user name and password, but then I am confronted with a "security measures" page on which I can either answer the question or log-out, nothing more.

On answering the question and clicking OK I just get sent to a blank "page not found" paypal screen with a single link saying "click to retry".

I've spent countless hours now on the phone to them only really to be told to "clear my cache" etc, irrespective of trying it in 3 different browsers, on 3 different computers, on 2 different broadband accounts, they won't accept this is a problem with their website.

I'm getting nowhere fast and don't know where else to go. Its very worrying as I have a significant amount of money in that account, and I cant just write it off!

Hope you can help.



NoPaypal says: Hi Andrew, on this occasion Paypal may just be right - it sounds as if you may have been a victim of a fraud attempt to get your Paypal details. The fraudsters make up a website to look like a Paypal login page but after you center your details and click to login, there is nothing there (in other words, the fraudsters have set up a one page website to capture your login details). You don't say whetehr you are accessing the website from an email link (usually a sure sign of fraud). When you login to the genuine Paypal website you should never see a screen which says page not found after a successful login - if you do, you're not on Paypals website. So, firstly, NEVER click on a Paypal link from an email, even if you think it genuinely came from Paypal. Next, NEVER give out your password details to anyone, even on the telephone...if the caller is from paypal, they'll already KNOW your password so don't need to ask you. The only way you should EVER log in to your Paypal account is by typing in https://www.paypal.com in to your browser. Regarding the "significant amount of money" you have in your Paypal account, be careful. Paypal is not a bank so you should never have any more money in your Paypal account as you can afford to lose. I suggest just keeping enough in there to cover the things you want to buy and no more. In fact, I leave my Paypal account totally empty at all times - if I buy something online and pay with Paypal, Paypal take it off my credit card which I have attached to my account - so my Paypal balance is always zero...I learned the hard way!


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