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Valerie's Story:

Good morning, I am a UK resident currently on holiday in the USA.

I have been a very satisfied customer of Paypal for the last two years but am now having MAJOR problems.I have made three purchases whilst on holiday all of which Paypal refuse to honour. They asked for verification of my identity and we scanned them everything I have with me - my passport, my travel documents and a medical prescription.

On October 2nd they sent me an e-mail telling me the restrictions have been lifted yet the three transactions have not been completed. On one of the transactions they have actually taken the money from my account but not passed it onto the e-bay seller.

To add to the frustration, for the first week the Resolution Centre would not let me contact them at all, I went round in circles follwing the Contact Us leads but was never able to get to the page allowing the writing of an e-mail. We have also tried contacting them by telephone but have never been able to get to the 'options' numbers.

I have finally been able to get hold of the Resoltuion Centre and have sent 2 or 3 e-mails a day but have received no reply to any of them.

I would be happy for my complaint to be used in the efforts to prove that Paypal has started behaving in an, at least, inefficient, at worst, fraudulant manner.

Yours sincerely,

Valerie Brogan

NoPaypal says: Hi Valerie, Paypal are notorious for bad customer service so I'm not surprised you can't get through to them or get a reply from them (or any common-sense action from them)! To make matters worse, the ebay seller probably thinks you've not sent him the money which puts you in a bad light with ebay and the seller. Forward your complaint to Yanna (email address at the top of the front page) for more help....


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