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Timur's Story:

Dear Sir / Madam,

We are experiencing problems with paypal. They have frozen our money and we have provided them with all that they have asked for but still limited our account. Could you kindly advise us on how to take action against them?

I look forward to your reply.

Kindest regards,

Timur Nazir

NoPaypal says: Hi Timur, Paypal have a habit of freezing their customers accounts despite the customer furnishing them with all the relevant information that THEY asked for! Getting any sense out of Paypal is like hitting your head against a brick wall and I'd advise contacting Yanna on our front page for advice on legal action. In the meantime, there are plenty alternatives to paypal so use them instead from now on. From my own experience Paypal are unlikely to unfreeze your account so if you must continue to use them, you could consider opening another Paypal account with another card or bank account and in time Paypal should refund any money still in the old limited account to you. If you're waiting for them to unlimit your account though and have any plans to be able to use it again normally, you could be waiting a long time...my account has been limited for years now and as far as I know, it's still limited (there's no money in it and the card associated with it expired years ago too so I don't care). However, it does show that despite the fact that I, like you, gave them all the details they asked for, the account is still limited all these years later...that's Paypal...!


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