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Trevor's Story:

Maybe you can help us. I certainly hope so. As business has been poor these last months I decided the time had come to sell all my camera equipment. I advertised everything on EBay, the auction finished last Sunday. Everything was fine except for these two items;

xxxxxxxxx & xxxxxxxxxx (removed for security purposes)

The buyer of these two items paid using Pa Pal and we sent them off when the PayPal £ symbol said the transaction had been completed. We sent them using UPS (www.ups.com) - the tracking number is xxxxxxxxx (removed for security purposes)

The package was delivered.

A day later PayPal reversed the withdrawal to our bank and placed the whole transaction on hold. They have told me tonight that it looks like someone's PayPal account was accessed fraudulently and the money would go back to the real owner of the account. They have also told me that they will not pay us as there is no seller protection if the package was sent to anywhere other than the US or the UK. It is in their small print apparently.

They also said that there was no delivery address given in any PayPal communications. That is correct, the Pay Pal payment receipt told us to refer to the EBay message from the buyer for the delivery address. How can they allow a PayPal message to be sent to say payment has been made with no delivery address on it and then use that fact against us.

We have lost £1050 plus £100 that the UPS delivery cost and EBay and Pay Pal couldn't care less. This money was vital to my survival for the next two months.

Can you suggest any course of action?


Trevor Matthews

NoPaypal says: Hi Trevor, if an innocent partys Paypal account has been hacked and a large sum of money has been taken out of that account and sent to you, it's only right that the innocent party should be reimbursed. However, this all boils down to who should pay for that loss, and it's not fair that you should be out of pocket. Sometimes it seems that everybody who deals with Paypal and Ebay seem to lose money at some point while Paypal and Ebay NEVER lose money! It's back to this Paypal "double-standards" again...Paypal are happy to take money and pocket their commission but when a transaction goes pear-shaped they wash their hands of it. Contact the address at the top of our main page and see if court action against Paypal is an option. Otherwise you might need to swallow this loss and make sure you check Paypals small print from now on (or even better, use another payment provider)....


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