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Joanne's Story:

I'm writing to make a complaint about paypal. I was left by my husband earlier this year to thousands of pounds worth of debt that he would not help me with, so I thought I'll clear his stuff out, and make a few pounds for me and the kids to live off.

However I sell the stuff and it goes into my paypal account, I then ship the goods and paypal limit my account saying I have to prove who I got the goods from, when, how much, and prove delivery (which I have done).

I then get told in one of 40 emails and telephone calls that as my ex partner is limited on ebay I also will be (which I believe to be unfair as I'm then punished for his crimes - which he hasn't comitted anyway). My funds are then locked in the account for 180 days, however I'm now left with no money, no goods, and nothing to feed the kids - they have held £1200 from me and are not making any contact won't reply to my emails and won't give me a straight answer.

I have done nothing wrong and I'm punished, they have moved the goalposts on more than one occasion. This is not right, please help me...

Joanne Earnshaw

NoPaypal says: Hi Joanne, unfortunately I would have to agree with Payapl in this case as it seems only right that Paypal are worried you have been selling goods that don't belong to you (which you admit). Don't forget, Paypal are not divorce lawyers, councillors or arbitrators - they are simply a payment provider. It seems that a contact from your husband to say that the goods were his and you had permission to sell them would sort this out. However, you are correct about Paypal customer service not replying and being unhelpful - it's a common story....


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