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Claude's Story:

I am french. I have big problem with Paypal (Paypal left my 1300 euros! for 7 month at the moment!) Why create big problem for Paypal? Now, I have to buy "www.nopaypal.fr". Help me please. 1300 euros is not the problem. I want to create big problem for paypal. Thanks for your help. Claude.

NoPaypal says: Hi Claude, unfortunately we can't help you make big problems for Paypal - that's not what we are here to do. On the contrary, we want to help you and Paypal resolve your problems by putting pressure on Paypal to listen to you and take your complaint seriously. 1300 Euros is a lot of money but Paypal don't care. Here's an idea. Why don't you translate this whole website in to French and publish it on your new domain www.nopaypal.fr...


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