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Jon's Story:

Hello,My friend in Sweden has a problem with Paypal.

Her account has been limited and she faxed in all of the documents which Paypal asked her to do. Five days later she received an email saying that her account is linked to @yahoo.es account and she has to resolve her complaints with that account before they can lift the limitation on her account. This is just complete non-sense she doesn't have another account and Paypal are withholding funds in her account.

As I am aware that Paypal monitor IP addresses and etc and she did access the Paypal account in a cybercafe, I thought maybe someone else accessed his/her Paypal account in the same cybercafe and they have connected it to her account. Is there anything what she can do to get her account without the limitation, because I think the customer services are "monkeys" especially Paypal Ireland.




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