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Lucy's Story:

I am e-mailing on behalf of my brother who has been "shafted" by Paypal! He was bidding on a car on e-bay and was the highest bidder, the seller then got in contact to say that the car had actually been stolen so would no longer be for sale. My brother got straight onto Paypal to log this and was told to call his bank and cancel his account on e-bay - if he did this nothing else would happen. He heard nothing again until two months ago saying that he owed Paypal £4,300 as they had sent the seller an E-cheque despite my brothers call advising them not to do anything. My brother called Paypal to explain what had happened and they said it is no longer anything to do with them and said he should have filled in a "dispute form" on Ebay, but now there is nothing they will do. He was never told to do this, and because he has never had any problems with Ebay before, he was unaware of what he needed to do. He is now receiving court summons and debt collector letters etc, and the seller is no longer a member of Ebay (surprise, surprise - he's sunning himself in Cuba)!

NoPaypal says: Hi Lucy, An all too familiar story where Paypal use the slightest little thing to get out of their responsibilities! Just because you didn't go through the standard complaints process at the Ebay website doesn't mean that Paypal/Ebay can allieve themselves of any responsibility to resolve things. You know, all they need to do is have a human person in their customer complaints department who can sit and take communications using only their commen-sense. Unfortunately, Paypal customer services don't seem to use ANY common-sense whatsoever...I feel that they simply sit in front of a book of rules and follow a set of instructions, no matter who contacts them and no matter what the situation. They seem to have no regard for us human beings, our emotions or the stress that their flawed system puts us under...


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