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Stephens Story:

On the 22nd and 23rd of May I sold two Playstation 3's on Ebay for which I recieved payment. I then waited two days before I posted these items to the given addresses. Ebay/Paypal, the same company, states that the listing policy for PS3 is you must Guarantee delivery within 3 day from the end of auction. I waited the three days then sent the two items to the addresses I had been given. On the third day Paypal started an inquiry in to these two payments and deemed them fraudulent. They then removed the payments from my account back to the buyers accounts and I was left with nothing. I lost £1000 through this transaction. All Paypal could offer was a big fat SORRY. They made no attempt to try and investigate this transaction,,just a simple give the buyer their money back, case closed. The money they refunded to the buyer came from my account, I'm the loser. Surely Paypal (the fasted safest way to pay online) has insurance for this sort of thing. Also the seller protection policy they have only protects one thing,- yes you guessed it PAYPAL..

Mrs J Burn

NoPaypal says: Hi Stephen, it's maybe not as straightforward as it seems - the person you sold the Playstations to might not have been the account holder - he may have hacked in to that persons account and the genuine account holder doesn't know you and hasn't bought anything from you so was sitting £1,000 out of pocket through no fault of his own! Firstly, you should really have posted the items out right away as soon as you received the money because if the buyer was expecting them in 3 days, waiting for two days before posting them only gave the postal service one day only to get them to the buyer (cutting it a bit fine)! Anyway, more importantly, you say that Paypal deemed the payment to you fraudulant so returned the money to the rightful owner (who I guess didn't know his Paypal account had been hacked so you can't blame Paypal or the account holder for this really). However, you should have informed the local police at the address you sent the Playstations to and showed them the signature the Post Office collected when they delivered them (you did send the Playstations "signed for" delivery didn't you)???!!! I agree, the seller protection policy should cover you (as long as you sent it to the Paypal account holders registered address) so check your Paypal transaction history...if you sent them to the account holders address and you have proof of posting and a delivery signature, then you should be covered.


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