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Janes Story:

I recently closed my ebay account as my daughter was purchasing things and not getting my permission. The account was in my name as my daughter is only 16. I could not close my paypal account as it had a negative balance. I had no alternative but to close my bank account and any transactions with Paypal to be sent back to them. This was in March and I have now received a letter from Paypal debt collectors demanding £65.89 even though I have received no goods to the value of this amount. Can you help me as I can
find no tel or address for paypal uk.

Mrs J Burn

NoPaypal says: Hi Jane, The first port of call is to contact Paypal and Ebay to find out what the £65.89 is for and give them a chance to resolve it. If it is for goods your daughter has ordered then it's likely you will be liable to pay for them (unfortunately that's the cost of letting someone else use your credit card)! However, if it's goods you or your daughter have purchased but didn't receive, then Paypal should protect you under their buyer protection policy. Paypal used to be difficult to contact but not any more so I'm not sure why you couldn't find their contact details...? Go to http://www.paypal.co.uk and at the bottom of the page there is a link which says "Contact Us" and you can email or telephone them


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