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Janes Story:

Hi there

Having read your stories about pay pal, I just had to tell you mine. It is not as horrific as some of the other ones on here, but someone somewhere may just be able to relate to this. Dated 12th April 2007

I am not a great buyer/seller on ebay, but I do have some monies in there. Wanted to purchase a laptop cooler on a buy now and so I clicked purchase and went to my paypal to confirm transaction. Typed in email and password...nope. Tried again....nope. Phoned them up and the phone number I have had for the last two years and is registered with paypal, was unknown. Tried filling in one of their forms...no such account. I have emailed them today in the hope of some resolution, but having read some of the stories on here, I think I am wasting my time. Its not a lot of money and I think I may just say to hell with it and never ever use paypal again.


NoPaypal says: Hi Jane, Paypal customer services are infamous for two things - they either completely ignore you and you get nowhere or they do communicate with you but don't resolve the situation...welcome to the club! Here are a few Paypal alternatives you may want to think about:

http://www.propay.com (like a merchant account without all the fees)
http://www.bidpay.com (closest competitor to PayPal)
http://www.bitpass.com (a little different)
http://www.neteller.com (based in London)
http://www.checkfree.com (another popular alternative)
https://checkout.google.com (one to watch - could be big)


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