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Shiraz's Story:

I had a buyer who escalated the claim because his goods were delayed because of delivery issues. I have supplied the details to paypal but because the buyer says he had still not received the goods and although I had supplied tracking numbers, Paypal, who seem to think they are judge and jury, have closed the case and given the money to the buyer which is about £800.

This is absolutely crazy and I have been on to the phone to them many a time and it jus has not been resolved over a 6 month period. All I can say is that as soon as a bit of competition comes their way, I'm outta here!!

Bring on Google pay.


NoPaypal says:
Hi Shiraz, it's a common story - they just don't listen to reason at all. We culd understand it if this was a one-off situation (then it could be blamed on a poor Paypal staff member) but this happens time and time again and regularly so it must be a flawed Paypal policy in how to deal with these matters. I think we all agree that as soon as a better alternative to paypal is avalable, Paypal will have to shape up or risk going to the wall. My question is why do Papal have to wait for competition to arrive on the scene before they'll start to do their job properly - this is peoples livelihoods and hard earned money they're "playing" with...!


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