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Tims Story:

Dear sir,
This is in regards to "Shazia's Story":

I happened to just find this story, as I have been looking to ditch PayPal all together myself. In that story though, it posts my business e-mail address, as well as my company name which I wish them blanked out as this is negative towards me. (sorry about that Tim, we've blanked out that info now - editor)

As for 'Shazia's Story', a purchase was made for 2 arcade video game PCB's in early Feb 2006. The transaction was fine and he did received the order and thanked me via e-mail. In mid-February 2006 he made another purchase. Prior to the second purchase being sent out, I received a message from PayPal stating that the payment(s) were fraudulent and to not ship any items. Well, PayPal withdrew BOTH payments from my account (This is including the 1st payment which I had already sent out the products). Luckily, I did not send out his second order prior to this alert...but basically I was robbed of the first orders products cost plus out shipping fees as well. Also, here is the actual 'Shazia real name' and info if you need to verify any of this: <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I do not know what happened on his end other than I lost out on merchandise and cash due to shipping costs. Please keep his story up there, but remove my business name and e-mail address as I had nothing to do with this PayPal issue and it is a negative reflection on me (now done - editor).

I have been wanting to get rid of PayPal myself, especially since just 3 weeks ago I had another mysterious PayPal chargeback placed. PayPal 1.5 weeks after the sale yanked the funds from me, so again I was out product and shipping fees. I have been looking for a new credit card merchant so I may give the company linked to the bottom of your site a try.

Thank you very much for your time.

Best regards,

NoPaypal says:
Hi Tim, firstly sorry that your full name and business was listed (we've ammended that now). The last thing we want to do is cause any damage to anyones reputation or their business - Paypal damage us all enough without us adding to it! Perhaps you and Shazia can get your heads together and fight Paypal over this situation as I'm sure you both were not aware what was happening with each other and Paypal. This is exactly what this website is intended to do and if it can help get vendor and seller together to take on the mighty Paypal, then it's served its purose. Good luck...united we stand!


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