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Captain Scarlets Story

I bought a phone for £285.03 off ebay and used paypal to send funds to the seller. When I got my bank statment my account had been debited twice on two different days for the same amount.

I filed a complaint, and lost, as they said I must have sent two payments. They advised me to beg my bank not to charge me fees (which they did). I kept on complaining to them but they will not admit they have done anything wrong.

They did not advise me to file a dispute against the person who received double money. When I figured this out it was too late.

The person who received double money ebay id 9999steve99 / email steve.davies99@ntlworld.com will not return the money. He has changed his phone number. Paypal or ebay will not disclose his address and neither of them will persue him for my money. He still trades on ebay.


NoPaypal says:
Hi Captain, just another story of Paypal being judge and jury eh!


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