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I am stressed out with automated phone service by paypal. I have been paying with my credit card now for a long time and suddenly they stopped me paying saying you will have verify your account. Surely if you pay by card and there is no funds there then you will not get the item. This will take eight days. In the meantime I have the sellers on my back asking for payment and when I tell them I am waiting for paypal to send to my bank for verification, they say if the item is not paid for in seven days all none paid charges will be charged to me.

I have two items to pay for and after that I will cancel all my dealings with e bay and pay pal, you can not talk to anyone - just a automated service. I think its time to get my M.P to look into it. I find the whole thing disgusting, and after I have paid for my two items I will inform my bank and credit card company not to let them have any funds. They give you no warning about this verification but just stop your payment. I don't see a need for verification with credit or debit cards and the stories I have been told about paypal are fact. I am disabled and I am very, very stressed out. I e-mailed the seller and he agrees paypal are a real problem and a compleat nightmare. I am sorry the day I ever went on ebay. There is no need to verify credit cards as if there are no funds there they will not pay. I am dislexic and disabled and find there is no-one I can talk to by phone, just automated service which drives you round the bend! I will be glad when I have paid for my item so I can see the back of ebay and paypal! I am a very ill man and need to have this madness stopped. I have just looked at a complants board and will be fowarding it to my M.P. AND HOPEFULLY THE GOVERMEANT WILL TAKE ACTION AND PUT ME OUT OF THIS STRESS.

NoPaypal says:
Hi Robert, Paypals verification process is for protection for both buyers and sellers so I personally have no problem with that. There are many stolen credit cards being used online so I can't agree with you when you say that as long as a credit card has funds, there is no need to verify that it is being used by the proper owner, sorry! The one thing I do agree with you on though is Paypals automated phone service - it is a disgrace and especially as you are an ill man, it causes severe frustration to everyone who has to endure it...


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