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We are currently gathering information from individual members of the public and merchants who have conducted themselves honestly and legitimately but have lost money or revenue by doing business via PayPal. If you are a UK customer who has a complaint, trouble, or any other dissatisfaction with PayPal, please tell us your story at:

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Why set up this website?

Most complaints aimed at PayPal are in relation to a lack of response from their customer services department. It is hoped that, when set up, this website will help improve communications between PayPal and those customers who feel aggrieved or ignored. Please note that it is not our intention to make this site anti-PayPal in any way. On the contrary, we hope to simply raise the profiles of those honest individuals who feel their voices are being ignored by this large corporation and encourage PayPal to respond. We will publish any responses that PayPal may volunteer to give to your questions and concerns in an honest and unbiased way.

The aim of this website is to help you, and to help PayPal resolve any difficulties
you may be experiencing as quickly and as efficiently as possible

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Some Of The Paypal Nightmares
Got a story about Paypal? - let us know!

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Beware of PayPal
PayPal Steals Money
PayPal Account Hijacked
Virus Alert
Fraudulant Charge Back
PayPal Ruined My Life
Can't Find PayPal Contact Info
Stolen Account/Fraudulant Funds
PayPal Scam
PayPal Fraud
PayPal Does Not Care
PayPal Password Scam
PayPal Took Our Payroll
Where's My Merchandise
Selling On Ebay
PayPal Won't Admit Mistake
PayPal Password Hacked
PayPal Subscribers Beware
PayPal Refused To Refund
PayPal Owes Me Money
PayPal Lockdown
Can't Shut Down Account
PayPal Ripped Me Off
PayPal's Bogus Policy
PayPal Held My Money
PayPal Froze My Funds
Real Bad Taste Using PayPal
Hijacked By PayPal
Bank Numbers Locked
PayPal Is Frustrating
PayPal Does Not Follow Rules
PayPal Conversion Scam
PayPal Fraudulant Charge
PayPal's A Big Fraud
PayPal Took Me For A Ride
PayPal Claim Scam
PayPal Did Nothing To Help Me
PayPal Froze My Account
Why Is My Account Still Frozen
PayPal Destroyed My Business
PayPal Failed To Contact Me
PayPal Blocked Me Out
PayPal Malicious Prosecution
PayPal Is So Unfair
Losing Business To PayPal
My Claim Was Denied By PayPal
Purchased an I-Pod for Xmas

PayPal Took My Money
Merchant Account
PayPal Did Not Cancel Account
PayPal Is Holding My Money
PayPal Will Not Transfer Funds
PayPal Closed My Case
PayPal Locked My Account Too
PayPal Accused Me Of Fraud
PayPal Big Money Transaction
PayPal Affiliated With Ebay
PayPal Credit Card Chargeback
PayPal Complaint Bandwagon
Unfair PayPal Kept My $$$
PayPal Sucks
PayPal, How Could This Happen
PayPal Account Blocked
New PayPal Virus Alert
PayPal Business Problem
PayPal Took $1,200 From Us
PayPal USPS Mess
PayPal Credit Card Issue
PayPal Request DENIED
PayPal Tried To Get Me
PayPal Fraud Payment
How To Access PayPal
People Added To My Account
Another PayPal Victim
My Personal PayPal Nightmare
PayPal Took Back Money
Bill Pay
PayPal Allows Fraud

I'm A Victim Of PayPal
PayPal Is Holding $9,752.59
PayPal Is Holding $7,000
PayPal Bank Account Change
PayPal And Ebay Watergate
Customer Sent Item To PayPal
PayPal Is Holding $30,000
PayPal Attacks Legit Users
PayPal Fraudulent Foreigners
Incorrect PayPal Refund
Cancellation Of PayPal
PayPal Held $3,200 For 1 Year
PayPal Closed My Entire Family
Be Careful Selling Outside The U.S.
Fraud Enabled By PayPal

PayPal Limited Account Access
PayPal Froze Account For 180 Days
PayPal Scammed Me
Fraud Email Message
PayPal Is Not Safe And Secure
Provide PayPal Info Over Phone
I'm Out $452.92
No More PayPal
PayPal's Excessive Permission
Bounced A Check
Another Possible Fake PayPal Email
PayPal Fraud Allowance
Unauthorized PayPal Transactions
PayPal Does Not See The Truth
PayPal Account Locked
PayPal Stole My Money
Potential PayPal Email Hoax
PayPal /Ebay Allow Fraud
Bounced A Check
PayPal Froze $600
PayPal Email Hoax
PayPal House of Horrors
PayPal Blocked Account
PayPal Scam E-mail
PayPal Direct Debit Checking

No Explanation Whatsoever 
PayPal Closes Claim
PayPal And Ebay 
Burden Of Proof
Fraudulent Access
PayPal Stole My Roomates Money
PayPal Took $5,050 Out Of Account
PayPal's Not Worth It
Do Not Sell Overseas
Ebay Pushed PayPal
PayPal Sellers Scam
PayPal Limited Account  
I Was Scammed
PayPal Is Not Our Friend
PayPal Account Still Locked
PayPal Fraud Email
Ebay Seller Scammed Me
Trojan Horse Virus
No Help From PayPal
Your Account Can Be Suspended
eBay Is Just As Bad
Over $9,000 held by PayPal
Frustrating Experience With PayPal
PayPal Phishing Email 
PayPal Froze My Tuition Money
Ebay Phishing Email 
PayPal The Real Scammers
PayPal Is Holding $20,000
Another PayPal Phishing Email
PayPal Buyer Protection Insurance
Do Not Sell Overseas 
Fraud on Ebay Using PayPal 
PayPal Froze My Account
PayPal Let My Acct Get Hacked
Seller Hazards on eBay and PayPal
PayPal 4 Accounts Locked
Sellers Warning To Buyers
PayPal Ripped Me Off
Merchant Account
PayPal Froze My Account
PayPal Is Terrible
PayPal Unfair To Sellers
PayPal Aids Ripoff Artist
PayPal Is Holding $2,000
$1,000 Gone From My Account
Ebay Problems
How To Spot A Fake PayPal Email
PayPal Froze My Account
PayPal Requires Proof Of Shipping
PayPal Seller Cheated Me

Ebay and PayPal Are All About Money
I Thought PayPal Was Professional
Scammed On PayPal
Fraudulant Transaction
Fraudulant Charges Due To PayPal
Bank Account Cleaned Out
$1,200 chargeback
Buyer's Blackmail Using PayPal
PayPal SSL Connection Failed
Funds Frozen For No Reason
Contact Seller/Buyer Directly
Collecting Money From PayPal
Account Unfrozen After Credit Card Charged
PayPal Buyer Complaint
Ebay Scam Email
Chargeback Result
Scam Artist Chargeback
PayPal Locked My Account
Suspended Without Reason
PayPal Created A Debt
PayPal Refunded The Customer
Updating My Information
A PayPal Fiasco
Ideas For The Future
My PayPal Nightmare
My Account Was Hacked
PayPal Holding Money Captive
PayPal Is Very Wrong
My Account Is Restricted
PayPal Ban For Life
PayPal Has Frozen My Account
Credit Card Capable
Screwed Hard By PayPal
Waste Of Time And Money
Ripped Off Through PayPal
No Longer Use Ebay
PayPal Ruined My Business
Using Stolen Credit Cards
Payment With No Account
No End Of Trouble
Hacker Got Into PayPal
I Won't Go Away
Is This PayPal Fraud
PayPal Unauthorized Funds
PayPal Robbed Me
Refusing To Reimburse Funds
PayPal's Unfair Policy
PayPal Error Cost Me Money
Suspicious About This Offer
PayPal Nightmare Not Over
PayPal Froze My Money
The FBI And PayPal
Bogus Email Confirmation
Ripped Off And Hanging
Funds Back To Buyer
PayPal Ruined The Business
PayPal Buyer Assurance Scam
PayPal Overdrew My Account
Those PayPal Thieves
Is This Email Legit
Buyer Protection Allows Fraud
Ripped Off By Crooks
Will PayPal Unlock Accounts
Won't Back Up Promises
I Need Some Help
Different Then Described
Help With PayPal Problem
Someone Used My Info
New Security Requirements
I'm A PayPal Destroyer
Different Computers Logged In
PayPal With Reverse Deposits
Making Their Own Rules
Process Serving Agent
Must Beware Of PayPal
PayPal Also Closed Account
PayPal Account Is Frozen
PayPal And Criminal Trouble
Don't Ever Use PayPal
Removing Account Altogether
Ebay Payment Deception
New PayPal Trojan
PayPal Corporate Scum Bags
Seller Told To Refund
Another PayPal Scam
I Am Being Scammed
Ebay Rejected My Password
Fraudulent Format File Scam
PayPal Won't Investigate
Out Of Date Lawsuit
A Kitten Through PayPal
Complete Insensitivity
California Email Scam
Unauthorized Account Use
Multiple Email Threats
A PayPal Investigation
Two Weeks Too Late
Unable To Make Purchase
Another Victim Of PayPal
Accessing My Bank Account
Fraud Email Received
PayPal Took Money Away
PayPal Account Closed
PayPal Customer Service
I'll Be Suing PayPal
Suspicious Buyer Behavior
What To Do With PayPal
PayPal Limited My Account
Thought It Wouldn't Happen
Negative PayPal Balance
Holding Us Accountable
Ebay Fraud Alert
My PayPal Horror
I'm Now In Debt
Charges To My Account
PayPal Breaks The Law
Sent Collection Notice
Purchase Dissatisfaction
Account Put Under Limit
PayPal Denied Ebay Access
Pay Scamming Pal
Maddening Customer Service
Disputed A Charge
Attack On Scammers
PayPal Or SpamPal
Copy Of My Email
PayPal Is A Big Scam
Don't Trust PayPal
This Is PayPal Hell
Charging For Protection
Need My Money Back
Second Hand Troubles
Received This Email
Fraudulent Account Used
Can I Counter Sue
Don't Have An Account
Horror Stories Are Real
PayPal Money Reversal
PayPal Simply Robbed Me
PayPal Supports Fraud
Will Never Use PayPal
PayPal Complaints Process
PayPal Chargeback Fraudulent
Bloody PayPal Bastards
Never Received The Product
Two Fake Emails
PayPal Never Returns Emails
PayPal Tried To Steal
PayPal Account Seized
Inaccessible Funds
PayPal Late Fees
PayPal Having Me Arrested
I Need Some Help
This Is Poor Management
PayPal Policy Enables Fraud
PayPal's Evil Tactics
PayPal Double Whammy
Screwed Over By PayPal
PayPal Scam Artist
PayPal Limited Access
New Emails Added
Who Is Emailing Me
I Was PayPal Scammed
Here Is An Email Scam
PayPal Accounts Hijacked
Dangerously Irresponsible
Jerked My Refunds
Restricted My Account
PayPal Froze Thousands
Payment Reversals
A Living Nightmare
Hundreds Stolen From PayPal
Insult Added To Injury
PayPal Holding My Money
Do Not Use PayPal
Feeling Like A Criminal
Getting Rich Off PayPal
PayPal's Slow Refunds
In Scammer's Favor
PayPal Is A Scam
Absurd Alert
They Ripped Me Off
PayPal Account Blocked
PayPal Access Limited
Money Back Guarantee
How True It Is
A Fake PayPal Email

Got a story about Paypal? - let us know!

Contact Information for PayPal is difficult to find - they prefer to make you fill in their online contact form which many customers tell us they don't bother replying to. So, if you're having no luck using their online contact form, here are the Paypal contact telephone number and address: Be very careful about using numbers posted in forums or indeed anywhere on the internet (and this includes ours.) There is a scam where criminals post THEIR phone number and claim it is Paypal's - when you call it, they answer it by saying "Thank you for calling PayPal...." and get your login info - so beware

Paypals UK telephone number: 08707 307 191 (national call rates apply).

A Whois lookup on their domain (which is supposed to be the legal address for process) shows their address as:

PayPal (Europe) Limited, Hotham House, 1 Heron House,Richmond Upon,Thames,Surrey,TW9 1EJ,GB.

However, a search of the governments companies house website shows that Paypal (company number 4056498), is registered to:



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